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Weekend guide to Mechelen with kids


Love weekend getaways in Belgium, particularly Flanders towns. I love architecture, scenic towns, comic books, and Belgian chocolates. Visit Flanders’ Mechelen. A great attitude and many distinct cultural sites make it a great vacation. The Mechelen travel guide offers sightseeing options.

Mechelen sites
Visit Mechelen and Visit Flanders arranged my December 2018 press trip. This What to see in Mechelen page lists winter activities.

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Top weekend getaways in Flanders, Belgium.

Weekend in Mechelen


1.Mechelen, Saturday
From our trip, here are some child-friendly Mechelen tips. We left the Netherlands around 11 am for Mechelen. After parking in a garage all weekend, we went to our hotel. My favorite thing about little Belgian towns is walkability.

Our weekend in Mechelen was in the city center Novotel. Suitable for Christmas market visits. In front of our hotel were booths and ice rink. We immediately felt Christmasy.

I choose Novotel hotels for their child-friendly amenities, convenient locations, and spacious rooms. A small lobby play area with an Xbox and Kinect Sensor proved popular with hotel kids.

2.Mechelen Saturday brunch
Sister Bean Mechelen brunch
I don’t remember the last weekend lunch since I started adoring brunches a few years ago. Our Mechelen holiday started at Sister Bean, a wonderful buffet breakfast restaurant. Our meal included shrimp salad, bruschettas, and my favorite cheesecake.

➷ TIP: For all Mechelen restaurants. Delicious Belgian food is popular abroad. Book a table ahead. Walking in wouldn’t work since we had lunch and dinner reservations.

3.Saint Rumbold’s Tower climb
Starting a city trip with a panorama is wonderful. In Mechelen, climb 514 Saint Rumbold’s Tower stairs. Saint Rumbold’s Tower is grand and visible from all across the city, yet unfinished. Original thoughts were far higher. Outstanding merit earned it UNESCO heritage designation.

The tower is a fantastic place to hear Mechelen’s carillon school.

Hiking up the tower, observing old stonemasons’ signs on its walls was interesting. One wonders how they built such a spectacular building in the 15th century.

From its height, Mechelen shone. Brussels is visible on clear days. The view was worth climbing those stairs despite our sorrow.

4.Climb Saint Rumbold’s Tower in Mechelen.

TIP: Our four-year-old kid easily climbed the tower. Touring the peak features six rooms. They explain the tower’s story. In front of the church, kids may climb Opsinjoorke, the town’s huge yellow mascot. A playground is steps away.

5.Town Hall/Market Square Mechelen
Mechelen main square
We visited Mechelen’s historic center after climbing the tower. Walking the cobblestones took us back in time. All Market Square residence gables were examined. Interesting to see cats, pigs, and deer.

Could you have visited a friend in a pig-themed residence on Market Square no. 5?

Many Flemish towns have beautiful Town Halls. Small towns competed for beauty. Mechelen ranked well.

6.Mechelen Opsinjoorke statue
The local Hall has a mascot statue. Opsinjoorke derives from the 17th-century wooden mascot that roamed the city during festivals.

7.Mechelen Toy Museum
We went to Mechelen for the Lego Toy Museum Exhibition. One of Belgium’s largest toy collections. Following the permanent show, we visited the third-floor Lego exhibition. The 1960s Lego ads and wooden bricks were adorable.

But seeing my first Lego set as a kid was my favorite. Legos from my youth brought back memories. Mechelen’s Toy Museum is excellent, so we stayed till closing.

Ask about art courses at the museum entrance for kid-friendly activities. We collaborated on beautiful Christmas cards. While playing at stations or doing little tasks with wooden luggage, kids may explore the museum. The museum’s ground-floor café has a spacious kids’ play area.

Click here to buy Toy Museum tickets online.

8.Brewery Het Anker
One of those wonderful little towns perfect for strolling is Mechelen. I adored our leisurely walks when we laughed, spoke, and discovered that great town’s hidden beauties. Historical Mechelen has street art and modern art installations. Combine ancient with urban provides Mechelen a great vibe.

Walk the Mechelen Muurt Walk to see more street art. See this webpage for information.

9.Brewery Winter party in Anker courtyard

We wanted to see Het Anker Brewery’s courtyard Nativity. Everything was arranged at the Christmas market, so we went. Mechelen has several breweries, but Het Anker is the oldest. Black and powerful Gouden Carolus beer is famous. Try it at the brewery bar.

Sense-Sational Mechelen, a Tourist Office pamphlet, offers local products. It includes Het Anker beer sampling, apple pie, and Gouden Carolus cheese elsewhere. Just 6 euros. I recommend visiting small shops and restaurants and eating local food because we enjoyed it.

De Cirque Dinner
As mentioned, Belgium’s cuisine is huge. I love exploring Belgium’s restaurants and cuisine.

Saturday dinner at De Cirque Restaurant was great. I liked that the restaurant was child-friendly and had a good menu and sophisticated decor. Drawing colors and paper were in the large room. Mechelen is kid-friendly due to these details.

10. Vismarkt Christmas Market
Despite fewer days, December is a good month to visit Mechelen. We enjoyed Vismarkt’s Christmas market booths, music, and atmosphere after dinner.

Explore Mechelen Christmas Market Activities.

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