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You may enhance your experience of deep ecology in Costa Rica by selecting tours


Max Hughes has just recently returned from his time spent volunteering at our Deep Ecology and Sea Turtle program. During his two days off, he decided to book two add-on tours. He wanted to share some insight and feedback with anyone else who is also volunteering at this location about what add-on activities you can participate in during your free time as part of this project.

Among the many tours that can be organized by the program are Caño Island snorkeling ($95) or diving ($155), visiting Corcovado National Park ($95-$110), whale and dolphin watching tours ($120), mangrove tour ($100), and more less expensive tours in the local or rural areas, such as kayaking, quad-biking, birdwatching, and horse-riding, amongst others.

Find out what Max felt about it and get some helpful advice by reading the following!


This is the National Park of Corcovado

At the moment that I got off the boat and climbed the sandy coastline to the beginning place of the trip, I was immediately impressed by how thick the jungle was. The towering trees swung softly in the air, pouring dappled sunshine onto the forest floor below. I was instantly struck by how dense the jungle was. Before the tour had even begun, I was welcomed by a cacophony of birdcalls and the sounds of monkeys in the distance. It was immediately apparent that this was going to be an experience that would be nothing short of miraculous.


Experience with Our Guides
Following our formation into smaller groups, we were each given a guide who would oversee our journey over the complex network of paths that the park had to offer. Their ability to search out uncommon species was mind-blowing, and I believe that if it weren’t for their knowledge, I would have been fortunate to locate just one of the several creatures that we saw throughout our stay there due to them. I feel that I was unable to adequately express how wonderful of a job the tour guides perform. Because of this, in addition to their encyclopaedic expertise, the trip was lifted to a far higher level and became much more than simply another sightseeing excursion.

Interacting with Wild Animals
There is a remarkable variety of animals that can be seen at Corcovado, including the secretive Tapir, the amusing spider monkey, and the vivid bird species. Having each meeting seemed like a luxury, like getting a look into a universe that was almost entirely devoid of human influence. A few of the more memorable moments for me were coming across a baby fer-de-lance, getting up close and personal with a bunch of spider monkeys (one of which was a mother with a newborn), watching a breathtaking macaw flying over the forest canopy, and coming across the biggest grasshopper I have ever seen.

Final Thoughts
As I was leaving Corcovado, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the chance to see the beauty that it had to offer. During my stay in Costa Rica, the trip was without a doubt the defining moment that I will never forget. The tour guides will also leave you with a much greater awareness of the delicate balance that exists in nature as well as the need of responsible tourist practices in order to maintain the beauty of the parks for future generations. Not only does this trip provide you with the chance to go sightseeing, but it also serves as a means of enlightening you on the significance of preserving these remarkable ecosystems. This is something that I believe truly sets it apart from other tours.

A Snorkeling Tour of Cano Island Experience

The Caño Island Snorkelling Tour started with a boat trip that was both gorgeous and enjoyable, departing from Drake Bay. The tour was led by a group of extremely friendly local guides who took the group out to the seas that surrounded the island. For the mesmerizing underwater adventure that was in store for us, our guides methodically prepped our group, making sure that everyone of us felt both knowledgeable and ready for the journey that was ahead of us. Their expertise and passion laid the groundwork for an adventure that deftly combined environmental awareness and exploration in a seamless manner.

I was met with a magical underwater environment that was teaming with life as soon as I descended into the warm, crystal clear waters. I was able to marvel at the magnificent coral structures that decorated the seabed, which were accompanied by schools of vivid fish elegantly flowing among them. The visibility was truly incredible. The variety of aquatic life that may be found in Costa Rica became more obvious as we gradually moved farther away from the boat through the water.

The function of the guides was highly significant, just as it was during the Corcovado excursion; they took us through the waters to a variety of locations where uncommon species were found. At one point, I even went so far as to dive down to the ocean floor with our tour leader in order to get a look of a massive moray eel that was lurking in a coral.

During the course of the trip, we were fortunate enough to see a number of sea turtles, which was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable experiences of the expedition. When I was able to get within a few inches of each other, it was certainly an experience that only comes around once in a lifetime. I found the more quiet and shallower waters of Caño Island to be just as beautiful to swim in and regain my breath before carrying on with the trip. I also found our little stop on Caño Island itself to be extremely enjoyable.

Final Thoughts
There was never a boring moment on our trip, and as someone who has always been captivated by the water, I can state with all honesty that this experience was very useful to me. If you are someone who shares the same sentiments, it would be unreasonable for you to miss out on this chance. Therefore, if you are prepared to go on a voyage of discovery that is unlike any other, I strongly encourage you to explore the lovely waters of Caño Island and experience the enchantment for yourself. You will not be let down in any way.

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