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How Nymble’s Kitchen Robot improved one family’s cooking regimen


What this family did to improve their cooking routine with the help of Nymble’s Kitchen Robot Jayganesh and his family no longer had to worry about preparing tasty meals because of how easy it was to use Nymble.

Until Nymble came around, Jayganesh and his family’s lives were a veritable culinary marathon. As IT workers, Jayganesh and his wife found making meals from scratch to be a real chore, particularly when they had guests around. The mornings were extremely frantic as simple breakfasts transformed into intricate and traditional South Indian specialties. For lunch, it was back to square one. And since they were too exhausted by dinnertime, they often had to settle for leftovers or order in.

Everything changed, however, when Nymble entered their life. In addition to saving them time, this kitchen robot eliminated any effort they would have had to put into preparing their regular meals. After they no longer had to worry about making the same old foods over and again, they began to eat more adventurously. Their regular lunches were much more interesting after Nymble.


This is the tale of Jayganesh and his family, who were greatly assisted in their culinary routine by the robot chef from Nymble.

Nymble makes meal planning a snap


In both overt and covert ways, Jayganesh says that having Nymble around makes home cooking a lot easier. Now that Nymble is in charge of everything in the kitchen, he has more time to focus on meal planning and getting exactly what they need when they shop. Jayganesh and his wife usually make an accurate grocery list after reviewing recipes or deciding on the week’s lunches and dinners. No more meandering around grocery shops, trying to come up with dinner ideas. Their purchasing habits have improved since using Nymble, which has allowed them to spend less time in the kitchen and more time preparing meals.

The ease with which they could use Nymble’s app to choose their meals also improved their dining experience. Users will have never had an optimum meal planning experience like this one before thanks to the app’s features, which include diet-based recipe categorization, customization possibilities, varied cuisines, particular ingredients, chef-recommended meals, and kid-friendly alternatives.

We really appreciate how simple it is to track down the precise components for a new meal or locate the perfect recipe. Everything is explained in simple terms, from the ingredients to the preparation and measurement processes, and even how to tailor it to a particular diet. The ability to tailor recipes to individual tastes is quite encouraging.

A gastronomic revolution occurred with Nymble

His family’s cooking style has evolved drastically since having Nymble over. Thanks to its simplicity and organization, it has done away with the need to spend lengthy hours in the kitchen. As a result, they now avidly look forward to trying new meals every day.

“Nymble saved us from eating the same old thing for breakfast every day by delivering us healthy, freshly prepared dishes right to our door.
Thanks to its wide recipe collection, Nymble makes it possible to explore foreign foods with no effort. It also makes it easy to filter recipes based on ingredients, which streamlines the decision-making process for cooking. Now they may easily fulfill their tastes anytime they want by whipping up a cuisine that is either traditional or cosmopolitan. After all, Nymble has provided a nice change of pace from their usual recipes, which has made cooking at home more exciting.

“There were a lot more homemade options for breakfast; it wasn’t just cereal anymore.”
The wife of Jayganesh jokes that Nymble would be perfect to take over her husband’s role in the kitchen. The fact that Jayganesh used to do most of the cooking is something she jokes about. With Nymble at the helm, people may focus on other chores around the home, get some work done, or just unwind.

They used to order takeout quite a bit, too, but they were never happy with the selection or quality of the cuisine, particularly since there weren’t many Indian restaurants in the area. But with Nymble, they discovered just what they were seeking, giving in to their tastes and enabling them to prepare more meals at home while cutting down on restaurant visits.

Using Nymble, cooking at home just got better

The vast repertory of Nymble’s recipes left an impression on Jayganesh’s family, particularly the varied assortment of Indian side dishes that showcased different parts of the nation. They enthusiastically dove into the world of Nymble’s dishes, which ignited a renewed zest for culinary experimentation at home.

He has made it possible for them to enjoy a wide range of Indian cuisine without ever leaving his house. He loves a variety of curries and quinoa dishes, and some of his favorites are prawn ghee roast, potato poriyal, quinoa upma, egg curry, scrambled egg curry, mung bean curry, and Hyderabadi chicken curry and chicken biryani.

Nymble’s most beloved dishes by Jayganesh

He stresses that Nymble is about more than simply making Indian food taste better at home with the touch of a button; it’s also about making a wide range of exotic and global cuisines easy to access and enjoy cooking.

When it comes to handcrafted, delicious meals, Nymble definitely delivers. For example, we never imagined we’d be preparing Thai food in our own kitchen. However, Nymble’s Thai dishes are on par with those in real Thai restaurants.
Nymble is the perfect appliance for your kitchen if you want to automate meal preparation and simplify your life, just like Jayganesh.

We have sold out of the initial run of Nymble and will begin shipping in June 2024. Approximately when the first batch begins to be delivered, we will begin to take bookings for the subsequent batch. Additional details will be disclosed as the day approaches. Going to miss you!

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